Branson for Foodies

You can find a good meal just about anywhere in Branson. But there are some places locals recommend to every visitor who asks… and maybe even those who don’t. Here are a few you just have to try. Your stomach will still thank you (while your wallet breathes a sigh of relief).




Billy Gails

5291 Hwy 265


This will be the breakfast you talk about long after vacation is over. The gas-station turned restaurant is true country with its red and white checkered tablecloths and super friendly staff. Owner, Gail, still waits tables with the sweetness of your favorite relative. Kids will love the baskets of small toys … especially when they get to choose one to take home!

Billy Gail’s is memorable in many ways but, perhaps most memorable is the food. Everything is made from scratch and, when it comes to portion size, big is an understatement. Think hubcap-sized b=pancakes. Omelets are made with four eggs. A “sloppy biscuit” earns its name, smothered with sausage, egg, cheese and gravy with a side of hash browns.

Prices are as old-fashioned as the service and taste. Bring cash or checks … no credit card machine here. Breakfast is served from 7am - 2pm. Lunch starts at 11am. They’re closed for dinner.




Sugar Leaf Treats

2800 W. Highway 76


Located in the Grand Village Shopping Center, Sugar Leaf Treats is the perfect lunch or dessert break while shopping. Try one of their decadent sandwiches like the BLT with pepperjack or the roasted herb chicken salad. Paninis, homemade soups (chili can’t be beat on a cold day!), and even quiche round out a stellar menu. Kids meals are also available and come with fruit and a cookie.

Dessert is a must at Sugar Leaf Treats. Your sweet tooth will love their fruit cobblers with homemade crust, cakes, or cookies.

Sugar Leaf is popular for good reason. Be prepared to wait a bit during the busy season but know that your meal will be worth it.



Level 2 Steakhouse

Hilton Convention Center

200 E. Main St.


Special occasions are truly special at Level 2 Steakhouse. Enjoy complimentary valet parking before being ushered into this intimate restaurant at Branson’s Hilton Convention Center.

The majority of the restaurant’s produce is locally grown. Any salad expectations will be far exceeded with the summer salad, made with Missouri goat cheese, toasted coconut, fresh fruit, candied walnuts and vanilla vinaigrette.

Fresh seafood is flown in from Hawaii three times a week. Steaks come from 28-day aged corn-fed Midwest beef. They’re cooked in a 1,600-degree infrared oven to give it a perfect sear, sealing in all of the amazing flavor. Whatever the entree choice, a sommelier is on hand to help diners with the perfect wine selection to go with their meal. Diners will also choose from one of five signature knives to use during dinner.

Homemade dessert is a must at Level 2 Steakhouse. The chef’s signature butter cake is a decadent but perfect end to an extraordinary dining experience.


Thai Thai Cuisine

1615 W. Highway 76


Branson may be known for country music but, rest assured, it’s also home to some great ethnic restaurants. Thai Thai Cuisine is the real deal.

Begin with spring rolls and move on to one of their popular curry dishes. Panang curry with kaffir leaf and coconut milk over fresh spinach is fantastic although many people prefer the red curry. Anything can be adjusted to a customer’s spiciness comfort level. Ingredients are fresh and authentic, prices are reasonable and service is top notch.

Be sure to save room for mango and sticky rice … a traditional and satisfying dessert.


Danna’s BBQ

963 Hwy 165


If barbeque sounds good, you’ll find your craving perfectly satisfied at Danna’s. Meat is smoked or roasted with homemade barbeque sauces and rubs. (You can even buy some sauces and rubs to take home and try yourself.) Burgers are also handmade and cooked to order.

You won’t find it on the menu but just ask for pulled pork on garlic toast. (Yum!) Danna’s is famous for just about everything but burgers here are outrageously good. If you’re really hungry go for the Big, Big Pig. This pulled pork sandwich is loaded with twice the meat and even some sausage.

For dessert, kids will enjoy the dollar sundaes while the grownups can choose between bananas foster or homemade brownies and frozen custard.